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Our translation services are aimed at companies working in the tourism industry and their B2B and B2C communications.

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What our clients think

“We were looking to break into the Italian and French markets, and needed a translation service that would get the translations back in the agreed time, dealing with one single point of contact and without too much time spent emailing backwards and forwards. The translation of our website into two further languages has meant we are now active on two new markets and have been able to create synergies with other companies working in those markets. Other providers sent more literal, stilted translations, but they were missing the key marketing element we needed. Núria’s company, however, gives us high-quality translations that demonstrate a knowledge of the sector, as well as reliability, efficiency, speed, availability and trustworthiness.”

Pilar Millan, Sales and Product Department, Bedooin Tech Ventures

“Although I have no problem in communicating in English on a day-to-day basis, I wanted to make sure that my letter of introduction when contacting international contributors was as professional as possible, which is why I sought the help of an expert. Thanks to her, I have the peace of mind of knowing that my texts are professional and have an adequate tone that, as a non-native speaker, I would have been unable to give them. Now, not only are my texts understood, but they also sell. Núria offers speed, professionalism, and a service that, even if you are not a large company, makes you feel equally important. Your projects are welcomed with enthusiasm. A service 100% recommendable!”

“I had the pleasure of working with Núria and all my comments are very positive ones. She is a person who takes care of projects, customers and colleagues alike. She does everything possible to make sure a well-done job is delivered and customers are satisfied, all thanks to her great and professional service. She’s the kind of person you hope to work again with.”

Eva Verloop, Key Account Manager