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Copywriting services2020-09-23T20:21:18+02:00

Do you find working out how to write texts for your business frustrating and do you end up putting it off?

Do you sit staring at a blank piece of paper and don’t know where to start?

Do you know what you want to say but don’t know how to engage your customer?

Does writing texts for your website, blog and social networks feel like climbing a mountain and take a long time?

If you have found yourself in this situation, you will be reassured to know that you are not the only one. My name is Núria Masdeu and I help professionals like you to write persuasive texts that inform, engage and sell.

Do not waste any more time, and put your writing in the hands of professionals to get your customers to read to the end:

  • They will spend more time on your website thus increasing the chances they will buy.

  • It will improve your positioning in search engines

  • It will improve your brand image

  • It will help you capture leads , which may end up becoming customers

Nuria Masdeu Translation Services
I need a copywriter

“Thank you, Núria, for revising my master’s thesis. I received the final document by the agreed upon deadline and a report with all of the changes that had been made. 100% recommended.”

Francesc Marcano, Ortho Surgeon, Hospital Parc Taulí
Sandra Mariages - Customers - Núria Masdeu Translations

“Thanks to NM Translations, I have the peace of mind of knowing that my texts in English are professional and have an adequate tone that, as a non-native speaker, I would have been unable to give them. Now, not only are my texts understood, but they also sell”.

Pilar Millan - Customers - Núria Masdeu Translations

“We were looking to enter into the Italian and French markets, and for a single company that could manage all of the languages. Núria’s translation agency makes our life easier with its professional management and efficiency”.

Pilar Millan, Sales and Product Department, Bedooin Tech Ventures

Frequently asked questions about copywriting

What kind of texts require a copywriter?2020-10-06T10:25:14+02:00

Apart from webpages and blogs, there is much more content that can benefit from professional copywriting such as email marketing campaigns, info products, material for the promotion of courses, product sheets, etc.

Do you include keywords in content writing?2020-10-06T10:25:24+02:00

We have two options.

1)     Do you already have the keywords? In that case, we just need you to provide them and we can use them in the most relevant sections for SEO when writing.

2)     Don’t know what keywords to use for the content? Don’t worry, we will look for them and we will use them expertly and naturally when writing your texts.

What copywriting techniques can I use to write my own texts?2020-10-06T10:25:44+02:00

You will find many persuasive writing techniques on the internet. However, we recommend that you take a look at the section dedicated to copywriting (available in Spanish and Catalan only) on our blog where we give you tips on how to write your texts and teach you easy-to-use writing techniques that you can try today.

Do you offer a web page writing service?2020-10-06T10:25:38+02:00

Of course. We offer web copywriting for any topic you can think of. We write home pages, sales pages or landing pages, the “About us” section, contact pages, etc.

How can I write my own blog articles?2020-10-06T10:25:33+02:00

Our blog includes a section dedicated to content writing. If you dare to write your own blog posts, we advise you to read this article with 5 tips for writing compelling blogs (available in Spanish and Catalan only). In addition, you will find other articles with techniques and writing tips that can help you.

Do you write blog articles?2020-10-06T10:25:52+02:00

Yes, blog content writing is one of our specialties. We write individual publications or packages of 5, 10 or 20 publications, for example.

The topics are provided by the customer or chosen by our professionals. The same goes for the keywords for each blog post.

In addition, we can prepare quarterly contents schedules at the client’s request.

If something is not consistent with my brand, will you review what you have written?2020-10-06T10:25:58+02:00

Every professional copywriting project includes a review phase. Once the texts have been written, they are shown to the customer so that he can request the changes he deems necessary. For example, if something that has been written does not fit your brand or suit a specific service. Communication is key because the most important thing is that, once the project is complete, the customer feels that the texts are as if he had written them himself.

How long does it take to write a web page?2020-10-06T10:26:11+02:00

It depends on the number of pages your website has. Taking into account that there is a phase to research your business, the competition and your sector, as well as a creative phase to write the texts and another to review them with the customer, the entire process can take about 3-4 weeks for a basic website (Home, About me, Services, Contact).

How much does copywriting cost?2020-10-06T10:26:39+02:00

Another factor that influences the price is the volume of content you need. In other words, writing two blog posts is not the same as writing 10. And it’s not the same to provide copywriting for a basic website (with 4 pages) and for a more complex one.

If you want us to analyse the keywords for certain content and include them naturally in the writing of the texts, the price may also vary.

Therefore, you should explain exactly what you need so that we can give you an accurate quote.

What do you need to start writing for me?2020-10-06T10:26:21+02:00

We will need some information about you and your business. But don’t worry because when you contact us we will send you a form with everything explained clearly. The more we know, the better we will be able to do our work and the more effective your texts will be.

How will you know my brand?2020-10-06T10:26:16+02:00

We will talk to you over the phone or via video call to get to know you and what you need. In addition, we will provide you with a form with very specific questions about your brand that will help us to transmit your essence and that of your company, and to get to know your ideal customer.

What is copywriting?2020-10-06T10:26:33+02:00

Copywriting, also known as persuasive writing or content writing, is an activity that consists of writing commercial texts with the use of persuasive and neuro-selling writing techniques. Copywriters or professional writers are responsible for writing texts for advertisements, web pages, publications for social networks, emails, etc. in order to capture the attention of the reader or customer and persuade him to buy.