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Translation services2020-09-23T21:28:31+02:00

Does managing (or even carrying out) business translations take time which you would prefer to devote to your own projects?

Is your product/service highly specialised and you don’t have a translator you trust?

Are you looking for a translation company with technical knowledge for the translation of webpages, software, SEO or special file types like InDesign?

Do you need an urgent translation to meet a deadline or legal requirements?

Don’t look any further. You are not the first customer to come to us with this concern. Put your translations in our hands to reach more people who speak other languages:

  • You will save time

  • You will improve your visibility and online positioning

  • You will understand your customer or partner and you will improve their experience

  • You will multiply your sales

  • You will improve your brand image

Nuria Masdeu Translation Services
Pilar Millan - Customers - Núria Masdeu Translations

“We were looking to enter into the Italian and French markets, and for a single company that could manage all of the languages. Núria’s translation agency makes our life easier with its professional management and efficiency”.

Pilar Millan, Sales and Product Department, Bedooin Tech Ventures
Sandra Mariages - Customers - Núria Masdeu Translations

“Thanks to NM Translations, I have the peace of mind of knowing that my texts in English are professional and have an adequate tone that, as a non-native speaker, I would have been unable to give them. Now, not only are my texts understood, but they also sell”.

Abdelali Ziani - Customers - Núria Masdeu Translations

“I work for an NGO and we needed an urgent translation from English to Bengali, but were finding it difficult to find a trustworthy translation company. I can recommend Núria’s company without a doubt, because they are professional and deliver on time”.

Abdelali Ziani, Project Assistance, Animals & Angels NGO
I want you to translate for me

Frequently asked questions about translation

Where is the Núria Masdeu Translations agency located?2020-10-06T10:19:56+02:00

Our tax address is in Ulldecona (Tarragona), Spain. But thanks to the internet we are wherever you need us. If you are looking for a trusted translation agency, write to us at [email protected]. And if you want to know a little more about us, read our section About us.

How can I pay for my translations?2020-10-06T10:19:50+02:00

The usual payment method is by bank transfer or PayPal. The payment currency is the euro. If you need to use a different system, tell us and we will respond as soon as possible: [email protected]. We detail the payment conditions for each project in the quote.

Do you provide translations for web with keywords (SEO)?2020-10-06T10:19:29+02:00

Yes. If you provide us with the keywords, our experts will use them strategically when writing the texts. If you would prefer us to search for the keywords ourselves, we can do that too. You will find more information about this service in the multilingual SEO section.

Do you provide sworn translations?2020-10-06T10:19:35+02:00

Yes. We provide sworn translations in more than 20 languages. To give you a quote, we just need you to send us the file (good quality scan or photo) to [email protected] and indicate your physical address and the date when you need the translation.

Can we meet?2020-10-06T10:19:40+02:00

Of course. Depending on the city where you are located, we can meet in person or over the phone or by video conference. Distance is not a problem. The important thing is that we adapt to your schedule and the communication method with which you feel most comfortable.

I have some questions. Can I have a free consultation?2020-10-06T10:19:23+02:00

We love being asked questions. Write to [email protected] to request a call or video call for free advice. You will be surprised how quickly we respond (and no, we are not a robot).

What file formats can you translate?2020-10-06T10:19:19+02:00

Ideally, you provide us with the original editable file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, etc). In the case of InDesign, we will give you the translated file in the same format, so you don’t have to format it from scratch and you just have to adjust the size of the new text.

If you only have a PDF, we can also translate it.

In addition, we offer formatting and DTP services.

Are translators human?2020-10-06T10:19:13+02:00

Yes. All our translations are carried out by human, professional translators with several years of experience. In addition, we always translate into our mother tongue, to ensure optimal quality.

Do you offer translation and revision?2020-10-06T10:18:53+02:00

By default, texts are translated and reviewed by two native professional translators. In some cases, we also offer a translation-only service (with one translator) if requested by the customer. The prices for these two services are different.

What languages do you translate?2020-10-06T10:18:59+02:00

We translate into more than 30 languages, some more common and some more exotic. If you need a quote, in any language, write to us at [email protected]. If we don’t have a team available for that particular language, we will find the best professionals for you.

Will the translators always be the same?2020-10-06T10:19:04+02:00

If you are a regular customer, the team of professional translators who will work on your projects will be the same, as long as the lead times and availability of the professionals allow it. We like to assign teams of translators to specific customers so they become familiar with the customer’s terminology and preferred style, and thus improve the quality of the texts as our partnership progresses.

I need a specialised translation. Do you have expert translators in different fields?2020-10-06T10:18:47+02:00