Basically you will have made it here for one of two different reasons: out of natural human curiosity, or because you’re looking for a language professional.

Whichever it is, I can help you. At some point in their lives, everyone needs a translator, proofreader or copywriter.

Do you want to communicate better? Attract more customers? Show a more modern and professional brand image?

The internet has increased competition for the vast majority of businesses, but I can offer you the perfect tool to highlight and increase the attractiveness of your business: crafted language.

Behind Núria Masdeu Translations

Núria Masdeu

translation and copywriting

Núria has a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting (with specialisation in three foreign languages) and a Master’s Degree in Computer-Assisted Translation: Translation Technologies (web and software localisation), is an official sworn translator and is also a member of the Professional Association of Translators and Interpreters of Catalonia.

She started working as a project manager in a translation agency in Barcelona in 2011. Thanks to this experience, she discovered that she could combine her passion for languages with an enjoyment of managing projects for many a satisfied customer. But translation remained her main drive, so she left the agency to work in a new company as a professional translator, proofreader and corrector.

After her time in these two different translation agencies, she decided to set up her own company and put into practice everything she had learnt both in and out of the classroom to provide clients with a professional service based on reciprocity and transparency.

She now manages multilingual projects for several international clients, and writes persuasive texts for companies and entrepreneurs who understand the role of language in attracting more clients from across the globe.

A small company with a great team

We’re often asked where our company is based. Do you want the short answer? We are a translation company from Tarragona, Spain. Or how about the longer one? We have no borders – our team is located all over the world. We have translators, reviewers, copywriters and experts in web design and creation in several different countries around the world: from Chile to China, with Europe at the heart.

“We are a MODERN company and we know how to get the best out of the communicative advantages offered by the internet”.

I might even go as far as to say that this is one of the most positive aspects of our company: on the one hand, because we have the possibility to work with the very best professionals regardless of where they might be and, on the other, because it allows us to enjoy the flexibility this gives the whole team.

On top of that, distances don’t matter because communication is fluid and immediate. We’re extremely grateful for messenger apps, video calls and e-mail!

But this boils down into two key advantages for you:

  • We will not waste any of your time. We can arrange meetings by phone or video call whenever it suits you.

  • Ask us what you need: we will source the very best professionals for the type of project you have in mind.

What do our clients most value about us?

Let us introduce you to some of the members of our outstanding team


Núria Masdeu

Founder and project manager.

translator Spanish

Marc Calvera

Head of Marketing and Communication.

Iris Nebot - Núria Masdeu Translations