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SEO services2020-09-25T01:22:44+02:00

Why waste time writing endless content that nobody will find or read?

You have a lot to offer. The question is: Do your customers know?

Those famous keywords are of little use if they are not analysed and used properly.

Luckily for you, we have a team of experts in multilingual SEO, localization and SEO copywriting: the ideal combination to create fresh, fluid and natural texts designed to be found in any language.

  • You will reach more people who speak other languages

  • You will improve your positioning in search engines

  • You will improve your brand image

  • You will have texts that connect and convert

Nuria Masdeu Translation Services
I need a multilingual SEO expert
Pilar Millan - Customers - Núria Masdeu Translations

“We were looking to enter into the Italian and French markets, and for a single company that could manage all of the languages. Núria’s translation agency makes our life easier with its professional management and efficiency”.

Pilar Millan, Sales and Product Department, Bedooin Tech Ventures
Sandra Mariages - Customers - Núria Masdeu Translations

“Thanks to NM Translations, I have the peace of mind of knowing that my texts in English are professional and have an adequate tone that, as a non-native speaker, I would have been unable to give them. Now, not only are my texts understood, but they also sell”.

Abdelali Ziani - Customers - Núria Masdeu Translations

“I work for an NGO and we needed an urgent translation from English to Bengali, but were finding it difficult to find a trustworthy translation company. I can recommend Núria’s company without a doubt, because they are professional and deliver on time”.

Abdelali Ziani, Project Assistance, Animals & Angels NGO

Frequently asked questions about multilingual SEO

How much does multilingual SEO cost?2020-10-06T10:21:44+02:00

This question is complicated to answer. There are different factors to consider, such as the current “health” of your website, the number of languages you need, if you already have written texts, if you need basic or complete SEO, etc. Write to [email protected], tell us what you need and we will prepare a personalised quote.

Are blogs a good way to improve my internet positioning?2020-10-06T10:21:50+02:00

Of course. SEO copywriting for blogs is a very effective strategy to improve your positioning. However, it will depend on many factors, such as the quality of the writing itself and the frequency of publication, among other things.

Is SEO only done once?2020-10-06T10:21:55+02:00

To effectively improve SEO positioning, continuous maintenance is required. The number of times will depend on your goal and budget.

How long does SEO take to have an impact?2020-10-06T10:21:38+02:00

That is the million dollar question, and the answer is “it depends”. There are many factors involved in this process, such as the competition in the sector, the frequency of publication, the quality of your texts, etc. An individual study of your specific case will be required.

Why is it important to use a native translator for SEO?2020-10-06T10:21:34+02:00

There are many benefits to this. Here are three of the most important ones:

–        Firstly, a native speaker will be much more efficient when it comes to finding the keywords to help your positioning. A non-native speaker can translate a search term literally but won’t know the most common ways that speakers of that language or that country search for it.

–        Secondly, a translation produced by a native speaker will connect more with the reader, since they can adapt the text to the characteristics of the target culture and thereby improve the experience and time spent on your website.

–        Thirdly, a translation produced by a native speaker will give your website richer and more varied language than your competition.

Read our blog if you need more information.

What are keywords?2020-10-06T10:21:17+02:00

Keywords are the terms that users enter in search engines to find a service, product, reading, etc.

My web content is translated into English. Is it worth translating it into another language?2020-10-06T10:21:08+02:00

This is one of the questions that companies ask us the most, and the answer is usually a resounding “yes”. Most people search the internet using words and terms in their native language. If your content is not translated, it means you don’t exist. The first step is to localise it in the language of your target customer. Your digital marketing will take a huge leap forward in quality, I assure you.

What is multilingual SEO?2020-10-06T10:21:01+02:00

Multilingual SEO is a strategy to increase your web traffic in the foreign market. We live in a digital age in which there are almost no barriers in the world. Translating your content is one of the cheapest ways to enter other markets.

What is SEO?2020-10-06T10:20:55+02:00

The acronym SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. So I guess now you’re thinking: “Okay, but what is that exactly?” It can be defined as the process used to improve a website’s position in search engines (Google, Bing, etc). Put simply, its goal is to increase the visibility of your web page.