Núria Masdeu - Translation Services

Núria Masdéu

Founding member, project manager and translator into Spanish and Catalan.

Founder of the company and manager of translation projects. Núria’s extensive education in translation and editing at the UAB Autonomous University of Barcelona and at universities in Germany and Canada provided the ideal background knowledge for her current position as professional translator and editor into Spanish and Catalan. In addition, thanks to her specialisation in localisation with the Official Master’s Degree in Tradumatics: Translation Technologies (software and website translation, SEO, etc.), she has also acquired expertise in the field of translation technologies with which she can manage projects efficiently, professionally and more commercially profitable for you, her clients. Núria offers you a full-service provision, including both translation and editing, as well as translation project management experience from a range of different companies.

A team of professional, native translators

One of the key factors for success of the company is its multilingual team of native professional translators. Each of them specialises in translation and editing for the tourism industry, and every one of them has a perfect grasp of the textual materials they work with and the leading translation technologies on the market.

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Our team has all the skills needed to offer you outstanding language-based services and to provide you with the necessary support to break into new markets and grow as a company. Want to find out more?